Bryan Giemza

I’m a writer, a father, a teacher, a voyager.

Welcome to my world.

My Books

A new manuscript, How to Be Disinformed: A Citizen’s Guide to Life in the Disinfosphere. A photographic odyssey in Louisiana. A novel about the war on drugs in the coastal Carolinas. A forthcoming exploration of science and literature in Cormac McCarthy’s polyverse.

My Current Projects

A documentary about the lost apples of Texas. A campus-wide sustainability initiative. Community health, environmental justice, and archives for all. The Rosenwald Fellows, revisited.

Media and Events

A sampler of some of the events I’ve been involved in lately.

Discussions and talks

I love words fitly spoken.


Including some that are on the horizon.

Episode 6: McCarthy and Southern Literature with Bryan Giemza Podcast By  cover art

Podcasts and Media

Various and sundry recordings.

Gracious support for a life of wonder

My work has been sponsored by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, the State Department/American Alliance of Museums, the Center for Global Communication, and National Geographic.

Wild imagination

Creativity is my strength and curiosity is the wellspring of my energy.

My career spans law, information science, wetland restoration and forestry. I served as director of the world’s largest archive on the history and culture of the American South.

I’ve been a Hemingway Society Fellow and my writing has garnered prizes in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

As public scholar to the Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World, I’m privileged to spend time with some of the country’s most prominent writers on the natural world.

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