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Here’s a sampler of events…

I commented on Cormac McCarthy’s new novels on NPR. Much as I esteem his work, the new books are not my favorites… Och well, the one time they asked me–!

An episode of Scott Yarbrough’s Reading Cormac McCarthy podcast in which we discuss religion, spirituality and the novelist’s work.

Inspiring interview with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe! Her brilliant new book, Saving Us, is out now… thank goodness her voice was heard at COP26.

Big congrats to Brandon Weaver and Jerod Foster’s cross-Texas moto camping trip! Celebrated with them and students and friends at the terminus, an ascent of Guadalupe Peak.

Featured in a short about Texas Tech’s Center at Junction–onetime training ground for Bear Bryant, part field station, part outdoor learning center, and 100% a gem in the crown of Texas Tech

Bryan on community-engaged scholarship in Discoveries

Guest lecture on documentary, narrative, and archives at the Center at Junction

Podcast, guest on Planthropology

Interviewing writers for the Greensboro Bound literary festival (releases May 14, 2021)

Among the Mayanists (May, 2021)

Disinformation guest lecture at Luther College hosted by Amy Weldon (April, 2021)

On the (gravel) road again with friends (Apr 2021 – I joined in with Jerod and Brandon between the ditches!)

Launching a new sustainability fellowship (Apr 2021)

A conversation with Gerry North (Apr 2021)

Podcast: Reading Cormac McCarthy (Mar 2021)

A conversation with Bill McKibben (Mar 2021)

A conversation with Naomi Oreskes (Feb 2021)

On the road with friends in Texas (Texas Monthly Oct 7, 2020)


Check the newest ep of the Planthropology Podcast! Link’s in the bio/listen anywhere you get your pods! #podcast #plantpodcast #academia #humanities

♬ original sound – Vikram Baliga

I joined my friend Jerod Foster for an otherworldly sunrise on a lek to watch the strange rituals of lesser prairie chicken…
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