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Across the Canyons: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Divisive Communications in West Texas and BeyondThis regionally-focused anthology offers a range of contributions from field-leading scholars who are invested in addressing the divides created by divisive speech and disinformation in ways that also bring together academic researchers and the communities they serve.2024
How to Be DisinformedUsing the lessons of the pandemic to deal with disinformation and rise above it.With agent,
under consideration with presses
Science and Literature in Cormac McCarthy’s Expanding WorldsThis timely and innovative volume places Cormac McCarthy’s work within contemporary scientific discourse and literary criticism, including a biographical examination of the writer’s love of science and the path that led him to the Santa Fe Institute. June 1, 2023
Bloomsbury Press
Rare in Any ColorThis book about the Rosenwald Fellows recovers a generation of African American writers, activists, and artists during a pivotal era at mid-twentieth century.TBD, under development with UNC Press
The LeewardA morally purposeful thriller about a Vietnam vet who becomes a smuggler in the coastal Carolinas in the early 1980s.TBD
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